IAEBP Membership Information and Renewal Form – from now until 31st July 2018

Thank you for continuing your membership of the IAEBP.  We are working to promote you and your therapies.

Please click on one of the PayPal buttons below to make your payment with your credit card/bank account/PayPal balance – this is a simple and secure way of paying.  Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer (please ask – hello@iaebp.com) or send a cheque (payable to xxx) to:

Alison Moore, IAEBP, etc

Fees are as stated in the pull down menu below.

Full members have a choice of paying for the year in one payment (with the usual (£23) discount if you pay before July 31st), or taking out a one year subscription (12 equal payments of £8.90) but that option has to go at the end of August or you can’t fit all the payments in.

Membership 2017 – 18

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