The piece in this link is less about neuroscience and more about society! In a nine minute interview, eminent neuroscientist Bessel van der Kolk shows how abuse, neglect or exposure to domestic violence is altering the very structure of an infant brain. He then draws a direct link to later substance abuse, criminality, and an inability to deal with emotions or form healthy relationships.
Childhood Trauma Leads to Brains Wired for Fear

And on February 23rd, The Times quoted Dr. Mike Shaw from the Tavistock Clinic in saying that up to a third of all mental illness in #childhood is attributable to abuse and neglect – which fits with the ideas discussed here. But Shaw went on to say that we are becoming aware of another kind of mental suffering: the privileged child who is loved but silently buckling beneath the burden of impossible expectation, whether self-imposed or felt by way of family or society.

So we might be using a technique like memory reconsolidation for resolution of deep trauma whist there is also a big role for #beliefswork on teenage self-esteem and social anxiety – issues that, as Shaw says, don’t get talked about but which can lead to intollerable pressure, self-harm, and even suicide.