Breathe yourself calm

One of our heroes, the leading research neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, has a new book out – Anxious: The Modern Mind in the Age of Anxiety. He has, of course, been talking about the subject. He says we can all learn to calm our minds ourselves, although that would be more work if you’re a born […]

If you have an internal locus of control, your children do better at school!

Something of an #education breakthrough was announced today. A study, performed in Bristol by researchers from the London School of Economics, has shown that babies born to highly competitive women (Tiger mothers) who believe that they have the power to shape their children’s prospects go on to achieve better GCSE results. Early in their pregnancy […]

Treat the patient

Thought for the day: the good physicial diagnoses the disease, but the great clinician understands the person who has the disease. Sir William Osler Isn’t this true of the Thrive programme too?  Understand the person, understand the personality – it goes a long way towards successful treatment of emetophobia.